Learn the Ancient Art of Henna

The art of henna is a natural and one of the purest forms of body decoration. It has been passed down from generations and had long been a secretive art form in which its recipes, techniques, and resources were kept from the public. Education in the henna art field has been increasing since the 90's and as more people are exposed to this type of creativity, more and more people are interested in learning to do it themselves.

Silk & Stone offers fun and affordable henna classes in which the secrets and proper techniques of this art form are revealed through basic and advanced henna courses. Our henna classes include all resources and related materials. They are very in-depth, hands on classes with limited seating to give each individual one-on-one attention.

Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Class Date                     Time Location Price  
Basic Henna Techniques                      TBA    Silk & Stone     
Basic Henna Techniques for kids TBA   Silk & Stone     
World Henna Patterns- Design & Techniques By Request    Silk & Stone     
Bridal Henna By Request    Silk & Stone     
Advanced Henna Techniques with Gilding & Glitter By Request    Silk & Stone     
Henna Art As a Business- 4 weeks By Request    Silk & Stone     


Basic Henna Class

This fun, yet intense 4-hour henna art class is the perfect class for those wanting to learn this beautiful ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries!  This class goes through in-depth training to help y

henna applicators

ou learn the proper techniques that can take months or even years to acquire.  It teaches you all you need to know to get started on this exciting journey!  

Great for beginners.  No artistic experience necessary.  

This course covers:

  • History of henna, traditions
  • Description & origin
  • Uses & benefits
  • Determining qualities of henna
  • Ingredients for a dark stain
  • Techniques and tips of making a perfect paste
  • Application tools
  • Design elements & techniques
  • Positioning
  • Aftercare & more!

Henna Art as a Business

An intensive 18-hour course includes training on all aspects of henna and becoming a professional henna artist.

This course includes:

  • Revisiting basic ideas and techniques
  • Fine tuning henna skills
  • Perfecting the paste
  • Advanced design elements
  • Advanced techniques
  • Bridal henna designs & techniques
  • Prenatal henna designs & techniques
  • Gilding, glitter and gems
  • Other specialized henna techniques including heanneing objects
  • Business Essentials: startup & setups
  • Forms & contracts
  • Marketing your business
  • Researching and booking events/trade shows/markets
  • Business resources
  • Certification
  • Everything else you need to learn to start your own henna business!

The cost of this class can easily be made back through your first few bookings!

Class includes a Professional's Artist Kit, Artist Manual & all other materials.

Pre-requisite: Basic Henna Class

This class is located at the Silk & Stone Studio by request only.