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Plastic Squeeze Bottle

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This is a 0.5 ounce squeeze bottle used for henna or glitter application .  It fits the plastic and metal tips (sold separately) of size 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm.  It feels like a pen, giving you more control for smoother lines as you do your artwork.

It can also be used for glitter paste as is or with a 0.9m metal tip for more precise lines or can be used to poof glitter powder onto henna paste for color effects.


One Applicator Bottle

General Direction to Use Herbal Henna Hair Colors

Because this is a natural product, results may vary. It is best to do a strand test in order to achieve desired results before coloring your hair. Please read all instructions included in the package before coloring your hair.
Approximate Quantity Needed for Your Hair Length:
  • 1 Pkg: For short to shoulder length hair
  • 2 Pkgs: For medium length hair
  • 3 Pkgs: For long or thick hair
  • Note: For extra thick, extra long, or African American hair (kinky, sisterlocks, dreadlocks, etc.) you should order an extra packet.

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