Silk & Stone 100% Natural Amla (Indian gooseberry) Powder

100% Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry)- strong healthy hair

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This is a very finely sifted 100% natural botanical amla powder (Indian Gooseberry or emblica officinalis) made from the amla fruit.   In Ayurvedic medicine, it is known to nourish the hair, prevent hair loss, prevent graying of the hair and stimulate hair growth.  It make the hair strong and provides lustre to dry and dull hair.  Use this Silk & Stone Amla powder as a hair rinse or with the Silk & Stone Henna and/or Indigo Powder to enhance the hair color and add shine.  Amla powder tones down the reds and will give a slight blonde tint to blonde, white and grey hair when used as a hair dye.  If you have a light hair color, it is recommended you do a strand test to ensure desired results before procedeing with coloring the entire hair.

Amla is also used in Ayurvedic medicine to prevent diseases and ailments, rejuvenative to promote longevity, enliven the body and enhance the intellect.  It is a very rich source of vitamin C and has approximately 20 times more vitamin C than and orange, thus it is great in cooking and makes a very tasty Indian pickle.  Read More...

Known healing properties of amla powder in Ayurvedic medicine include:

  • prevents hair loss
  • strengthens the roots
  • prevents graying of hair
  • stimulates hair growth
  • some use it for preventing lice and dandruff
  • improves skin texture
  • reduces fever
  • reduces cough
  • alleviate asthma
  • strengthen the heart
  • benefit the eyes
  • enhance digestion
  • treats constipation
  • source of vitamin C   

This products contains: 

  • no chemicals
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial colors or added color
  • no metallics
  • no lead
  • no parabens
  • no toxins
  • no gluten



Pure amla powder (emblica officinalis)


Do not use this product in the area of the eyes or cut/abraded skin.  This product may give a light blonde tint to grey, white or blonde hair.  Do a strand test and an allergy test before using.


Use with Silk & Stone Henna and /or Indigo Powder to add shine to the hair and neutralize the red hair color.



Instructions: Use this Silk & Stone Amla powder as a hair rinse by mixing 1-2 teaspoons of amla powder with water to a creamy paste and massaging into wet hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse well. When this amla powder is used with the Silk & Stone Henna and/or Indigo powder, it will enhance the hair color (toning down reds or adding a blonde tint to light colored hair. It will also add shine to your hair.
General Direction to Use Herbal Henna Hair Colors

Because this is a natural product, results may vary. It is best to do a strand test in order to achieve desired results before coloring your hair. Please read all instructions included in the package before coloring your hair.
Approximate Quantity Needed for Your Hair Length:
  • 1 Pkg: For short to shoulder length hair
  • 2 Pkgs: For medium length hair
  • 3 Pkgs: For long or thick hair
  • Note: For extra thick, extra long, or African American hair (kinky, sisterlocks, dreadlocks, etc.) you should order an extra packet.

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