Hair Color Chart

Find the Color that's Right for You

Below are natural herbal hair colors available at Silk & Stone natural.  In order to get the color that is right for you, please email us with the following details:

  • Describe your current hair color (This needs to be the color of your hair as of now and not the color it naturally may be).  Please refer to the color chart number below.
  • What is the color of your roots when they grow out each month?
  • Do you have any chemical color in your hair?
  • Which shade would you like to have (refer to the color chart numbers below)?
  • How long are your grey/white hairs?
  • Any other details you would like us to know or be aware of.

Please be advised because these are natural hair colors, the results may differ from one person to another.  These colors will dye/shade the hair so the lighter hair will still look lighter and the darker will be darker or brighter.  It is recommended that you do an allergy test and a strand test before using our hair dyes.  Please read and follow all instructions enclosed in your package before coloring your hair.  


If your current hair is platinum blonde to blonde, you may achieve the following color results:

1b-3b-.jpeg Herbal Hair Color-5b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-3b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-7b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-2b.jpg


97B (Custom)

96B (Custom) #5

95B (Custom)

94B (Custom)

93B (custom)

92B (Custom)


natural-henna-hair-dye-8b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-11b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-9b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-6b.jpg



91B (Custom)

90B- Custom

89B- Ginger Glaze (Custom)

88B (Custom)

87B- (Custom)

86B- (Custom)


natural-henna-hair-dye-16b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-15b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-18b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-17b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-21b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-22b.jpg

85B- (Custom)

84B- (Custom)

83B- (Custom)

82B- (Custom)

79B- (Custom)

78B- (Custom)


natural-henna-hair-dye-25b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-23b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-26b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-27b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-28b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-19b.jpg

76B- (Custom)

75B- (Custom)

74B- (Custom)

66- Lustrous Red (Boxed Color)

65B- (Custom)

53- Spiced Chestnut (Boxed Color)


natural-henna-hair-dye-32b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-33b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-37b.jpg 24b-sunset-auburn.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-29b.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-31b.jpg
47VB- (Custom)

46V- Black Cherry (Boxed Color)

45PB- (Custom)

44- Sunset Auburn (Boxed Color)

42- Saffron Delight (Boxed Color)

39B- (Custom)


35b.jpeg natural-henna-hair-dye-30b.jpg 33d2.jpeg

natural-henna-hair-dye-38b.jpg 01- Midnight Black (Boxed Color) 

35- Dark Chocolate (Boxed Color)

30B- Chocolate Truffle (Custom)

09B- Deep Brown (Custom)



If your current hair is LIGHT BROWN, you may achieve the following color results: 

coming-soon-color.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-5D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-3D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-7D.jpg coming-soon-color.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-4D.jpg

97D- (Custom)

96D- (Custom) #5

95D- (Custom)

94D- (Custom)

93D- (Custom)

92D- (Custom)


natural-henna-hair-dye-8D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-11D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-9D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-6D.jpg



91D- (Custom)

90D- (Custom)

89D- Ginger Glaze- (Custom)

88D- (Custom)

87D- (Custom)

86D- (Custom)


coming-soon-color.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-15D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-18D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-17D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-21D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-22D.jpg

85D- (Custom)

84D- (Custom)

83D- (Custom)

82D- (Custom)

79D- (Custom)

78D- (Custom)


natural-henna-hair-dye-25D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-23D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-26D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-27D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-28D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-19D.jpg

76D- (Custom)

75D- (Custom)

74D- (Custom)

66- Lustrous Red (Boxed Color)

65D- (Custom)

53- Spiced Chestnut- (Boxed Color)


natural-henna-hair-dye-32D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-33D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-37D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-24D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-29D.jpg natural-henna-hair-dye-31D.jpg

47VD- (Custom)

46V- Black Cherry (Boxed Color)

45PD- (Custom)

44- Sunset Auburn (Boxed Color)

42- Saffron Delight (Boxed Color)

39D- (Custom)


35d-dark.jpeg natural-henna-hair-dye-30D.jpg 09d2-custom.jpeg

natural-henna-hair-dye-38D.jpg01- Midnight Black (Boxed Color)

35- Dark Chocolate (Boxed Color)

30D- (Custom)

09D- Deep Brown (Custom)


NOTE: Dark brown to black hair will achieve slight red highlights when the lighter red hair colors are used and will be darker when the darker colors are used.  



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