Healing Massage

Invigorating Hot Oil Scalp Massage      30min. $60

An ancient eastern scalp treatment passed down from generation to generation using an authentic blend of natural botanical oils. This massage can include an optional shoulder, upper back and face massage for a completely relaxing experience!  The powerful and invigorating treatment helps clear tension in the head, nourishes the hair and scalp to help grow lustrous hair, relaxes the body and leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.

THIS TREATMENT INCLUDES: scalp massage, steam and specialized hair & scalp oil treatment.

NOTE: You will leave with the hot oil in your salp and hair.  It is best to leave it in for 2 or more hours before washing.

Relaxing Hand and Foot Massage      15min. $25

A soothing hand and foot massage that helps you ease into a state of relaxation.  There is nothing more wonderful than having your hands and feet massaged after a tiring work day!

THIS TREATMENT INCLUDES: A moisturizing hand and foot massage.



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