Hair Strand Test & Allergy Test


Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors and Hair Care Powders contains pure and natural ingredients (chemical-free) that are generally safe for all skin types.  To ensure there is no allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, test the product 48 hours in advance on a small surface of the skin before using on larger areas. 

STEP 1: Take ¼ teaspoon powder and mix with warm water to yogurt consistency. Mix well.

STEP 2: Apply some paste to the inside of the elbow (about the size of a quarter). 

STEP 3: Let the paste stay on the skin for 3-5 hours. 

STEP 4: Scrape off with fingernails. 

NOTE: You may want to test a small area of the scalp as well.  If allergy occurs, (reddened skin, burning, itching, swelling, etc.) rinse the area completely and discontinue use.  Consult a physician if necessary.





For optimum results and desired color, perform a strand test before proceeding with coloring your hair. 


Performing the Strand Test:

1) Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors or Hair Care Powders with warm water to yogurt consistency. 

2) Gather some hair from your hair brush and apply paste to the hair, being sure to cover all the hair. 

3) Place hair in a zip bag in a warm place for 3 hours. 

4) Rinse out hair and pat dry. 

If the color is too dark, leave on for a shorter time.  If the color is too light, leave on for a longer time.  Proceed with instructions included in the kits if you are satisfied with the color results.

NOTE: The color will change slightly within four days.  If you are looking for a darker color, you may need to do another application.


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