Learn the Art of Eyebrow & Facial Threading

An ancient, 100% natural hair removal technique.

Date Time Location City  State Amenities Price
09/04/2022 11am-2pm Silk & Stone Holistic Day Spa at 3807 SE Belmont Street.  Portland   OR Refreshments   $499



This is an excellent class for estheticians and individuals who are seeking to expand their knowledge, increase their income and have a unique service to offer their clients that benefits their skin and health.  The art of threading is sweeping the country and is very high in demand because of it's benefits and the fact that because of this technique, facial hair removal is possible for even the most sensitive skins.  As this art becomes more and more popular in the Northwest, salons that offer this service will have an upper hand compared to ones that don't.  So be sure to register early and learn an art that will set you apart and help your business grow!


The ancient eastern art of facial threading is becoming extremely popular in the west and is now in great demand and, therefore, a MUST-HAVE for any salon or mobile esthetician!. It is the most efficient and healthy form of hair removal. As more and more people discover this technique they find themselves getting hooked and never wanting to go back to any other type of facial hair removal technique again!

Silk & Stone now offers threading courses that teach you this amazing art form that will benefit any salon professional. With the growing need of going “green”, natural & healthy beauty régimes and the need for chemical-free products and services, threading is becoming one of the most sought after forms of hair removal. This simple technique of twisting a piece of thread to remove hair is not only healthier for you, but very gentle on the skin and great for those who have very sensitive skin or cannot be waxed because of using strong medications like Retin-A or Accutaine. Facial threading is a wonderful way of incorporating such clients into your practice as well as benefiting those who have long been using toxins and allergens that damage their skin. It is also a better way of serving our community! 

Unlike other threading classes, this intense class covers ALL aspects of threading and not just learning the technique.  You will learn to thread in the most proper and efficient manner to give your clients a high quality service and not just a simple technique that leaves your client with unsatisfied results.  Threading is truely an art.  Without the proper guidance and training, the clients can be left with poorly shaped brows, cut/bleeding skin (since the thread is used in a scissor-like motion, it can actually cut the skin if not done properly), overthreaded brows, underthreaded areas, areas where hair grows faster than it should, and so on... leaving the client unsatisfied and never wanting to come back to the same place again.  As said, "the first impression is a lasting impression", we all know that clients come over and over again and refer others when they are impressed.  Knowing the ins and outs of proper threading techniques can make you one of the best threaders and give you an upper hand from the salon next door.  Our expert staff will teach you all you need to know to begin this exciting new journey that will be a great asset to your business!

All materials are included in the course including a free threading kit!  Refreshments, lunch and/or dinner may be provided depending upon the location & dates.  See schedule above.


  • Simple, cheap and efficient way of removing hair
  • Ideal for all skin types and age groups
  • Very profitable-pays back fast- repeat business 
  • Suitable for both male and female clients
  • Great for those with highly sensitive skin
  • Satisfying for the client- healthy, efficient, gives a clean finished look, very precise, creates beautiful arches, helps makeup go on smoother, mild redness (if any) that lasts no more than an hour and less painfull than waxing.
  • Better for the skin and overall health- no pulling of skin (which may cause an early onset of wrinkles), no peeling of skin, no scarring, and no chemicals, creams or other toxing used.
  • Gives you a unique, in-demand service to offer to your clients.
  • Safety and sanitization practices
  • Basic knowledge of contra-indications and adverse effects


This course includes:

  • History of threading
  • How threading works
  • Benefits of threading vs. other forms of hair removal
  • Main threading technique
  • Figure eight threading technique
  • The techniques to gently remove the hair from the various facial areas including the brows
  • Threading other areas of the body (neck, shoulder, arms, hands, etc.)
  • Threading on men
  • Threading your own facial hair
  • The art of proper brow design: design styles, determining what shape works best from client to client, etc.
  • Shaping brows properly and achieving beautiful arches every time!
  • Providing the client with the best solution for their brows (troubleshooting a bad brow job).
  • The many benefits of threading in relation to other types of hair removal
  • How to prepare a client, tools and workspace in preparation for threading
  • Safety and sanitization practices
  • Basic knowledge of contra-indications and adverse effects
  • How to incorporate threading services into your business
  • Certificate of completion
  • All materials needed for the class
  • A complimentary threading kit (thread, scissors, tweezers, etc.)
  • Certificate of Completion will be issued on successful participation and completion of the course.


The cost of this in-depth hands-on course is $499.  This is a small class to give you more one-on-one attention and due to our busy schedule, the space and classes are very limited. So register early to hold your spot!  Classes are on a first come first serve basis.