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 The Story of Silk & Stone  kaniz-orwner-of-silk-and-stone-spa-portland.jpg

Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Portland, there was a young designer with a vision unlike any other. With a degree in apparel design in hand, she began her journey at Adidas America, infusing creativity into every design she touched. However, it was not long before she realized that her heart lay elsewhere — in the pulse of her community, in the art of her culture, and in the power of natural healing.

Transforming her home into a sanctuary of holistic beauty, she began by teaching local women to sew, stitching together not just fabrics, but also the seeds of a small business that would soon flourish. On weekends, she graced the Portland Saturday Market, her hands weaving intricate henna patterns that whispered stories of her heritage, a craft that captivated and drew the community closer.

Her clients, enchanted by her artistry, yearned for more. They asked if she could adorn their hair with henna, and so she did, adding natural hair services to her repertoire. When threading requests followed, she recognized a deeper calling. Her cultural talents, like rare jewels, had the power to heal and to unify, especially in a time where the world sought connection after the dissonance of 9/11.

Fueled by her greatest wish to lead people to healthier forms of beauty, she began to craft her own products and services. Each creation was a blend of eastern medicinal knowledge and rich herbal remedies, a treasure trove of health solutions previously untapped in her community. It was not just a business she was building; it was a bridge — one that connected the wisdom of the East with the innovation of the West.

As the years passed, her home could no longer contain this small business, and thus, Silk & Stone Holistic Spa was born. Stepping into the spa, one was enveloped by colorful drapery and the aroma of customized teas — a tribute to the warm hospitality of her eastern roots. Despite limited resources and continued efforts, the small company thrived, their heart and soul poured into every service, every product that offered a natural alternative to mainstream beauty solutions.

The true test came during the trying times of COVID-19. The world stood still, but within the walls of Silk & Stone, hope and resilience bloomed. Her clients became her pillars, their words of gratitude and relief were testimonials to the healing and comfort her brand provided. They had found solace in her natural remedies when all else seemed uncertain.

The story of Silk & Stone is more than a tale of her business; it's a saga of community, of cultural harmony, and of the enduring power of holistic well-being. It's a narrative driven by a fervent mission to cleanse the world of chemical dependencies and to illuminate the path to natural beauty.

And so, the crusade for holistic awareness marches on, championed by a visionary whose passion ignites a healthier, more connected world, where each individual's beauty journey is as pure as nature intended.