Henna & Herbal Hair Dye Application Instructions

Please read the ENTIRE instructions carefully before beginning. Perform a Sensitivity/Allergy Test before using henna and herbal hair products in your hair to ensure safety.  In order to ensure the desired results, perform a Strand Test before full hair or root application. 


You will need the following supplies in order to mix and apply the paste:

   1) For Mixing:

  • Henna powder or other herbal mixture. 
  • Mixing bowl (non-metal) - Only use glass, ceramic or plastic bowl.  Stainless steel is also ok to use but do not use containers made from any other metals.
  • Sturdy mixing spoon or spatula (non-metal)
  • Warm water.  Distilled water is preferred but not necessary.

   2) For Application:

  • Hair cutting cape (or large plastic trash bag with arm holes and neck area cut out)
  • Petroleum jelly (or equivalent) to prevent color from staining the skin.
  • Cotton swab to apply jelly (or use your finger)
  • 3 hair claws
  • 3 sheets paper towel or facial tissue
  • Hair applicator brush with a pointed end.  NOTE: if you want to use your hands to apply the color you will not need the brush but you still need something with a pointed end to help part the hair.
  • Shower cap (or plastic bag to cover the hair)
  • A pair of gloves
  • An old or dark towel for drying the hair after washing


  1. Place the herbal powder(s) in a stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or plastic bowl. Do not use containers made of any other metals.  They may react with the product.
  2. Add warm to hot water (filtered or distilled is best) a little at a time and mix thoroughly until the mixture reaches a yogurt consistency. 
  3. Mix very thoroughly to prevent uneven color.
  4. Let sit for 5 minutes.  If mixture thickens, add a little more warm water until it reaches yogurt consistency again.
  5. The paste is now ready to use!


Remember that the Silk & Stone hair colors may need to process in your hair for a few hours so begin application when you can designate the time accordingly. 

  1. Shampoo and dry your hair before application.  Avoid using conditioner.  Your hair should be clean and free of any chemical products and oils. 
  2. Choose an area with an easy-to-clean floor in case the henna falls on the floor.
  3. Tie a cape around your neck or wear the plastic bag.
  4. Insert paper towel or tissue around the neckline of the cape to prevent drip on your clothes, keeping the neck exposed.
  5. Using the back end of the hair applicator brush, divide your hair into 3 sections (from crown area to ears (right & left) and back) and secure each section with a clip/hair claw.  Work with only one section at a time to ensure even coverage and faster application.
  6. Using a cotton swab, apply some oil or petroleum jelly (preferred) to the skin along the hairline, ears, and neck area to prevent staining of the skin.  Be sure to cover the edges of the ears and avoid covering any hair.
  7. Wear gloves
  8. Scoop some paste into your fingers (or on an applicator brush if preferred) and apply the paste to the hairline along the front and sides. 
  9. Using ¼ inch sections, apply a little at a time to the hair beginning at the top center of the scalp, applying the paste directly on the scalp, pulling it through the lengths of the hair.  Be sure to cover the entire scalp and strands of the hair. 
  10. Roll the hair into a ball keeping it away from clean sections.
  11. Repeat until all the hair is covered with the paste. NOTE: For best results, apply a thicker amount of the paste to the hairline to prevent hair from pulling out of the paste.  For roots, apply only where needed beginning at the front hairline.
  12. With a damp tissue, clean off any paste from the forehead, ears and neck.
  13. Wrap the hair in a shower cap or a plastic bag.
  14. Leave paste on for 2-3 hours or longer if you desire a deeper color and conditioning.

NOTE: Henna and indigo stains clothing and may stain other things they touch.  Apply with caution and be sure to wash the stained area immediately to prevent permanent stains.

Click Here for Rinsing and Aftercare Instructions.

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