Dyeing over Chemically Colored Hair or Bleached Hair

Using Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors on chemically treated or bleached hair.

  • Depending upon the chemicals in your hair, the color results may vary and the chemicals could react to the contents in this kit, giving you unwanted results.  It is highly recommended to do a strand test before application.
  • Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors may not dye bleached or color treated hair properly. Do a strand test before use.  

Chemically treating your hair after using Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors:

  • Do not bleach or color hair after using Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Color kits without performing a strand test. 
  • If you wish to chemically treat your hair (chemical color, perm, chemical straighteners, bleaching, etc.) after applying Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Color, you must perform a strand test before applying other hair dyes to your hair.  The herbal dyes coat the hair and do not allow other particles to penetrate into the hair as easily so it may be difficult to dye your hair with synthetic dyes afterwards.  The hair may also become brittle when chemical dyes are used.  You can, however, dye your hair over and over again with the Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors.

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