Covering White & Gray Hair with Natural Hair Dye

Covering white and gray hair:

The Silk & Stone Herbal Hair Colors cover white, gray and blonde hair very well.   The color will look lighter and usually brighter on white hair than the results shown on the back of the hair dye boxes for blonde hair.  The results on grey hair also varies.   If you want the whites and grays to become darker, you may need to reapply more color to the treated areas or use a darker hair color.  It is highly recommended that you test a small area of the hair to see the results before coloring grey or white hair.  The dyes are pretty permanent so it is best to begin your hair coloring journey with a lighter color first and gradually proceed into a darker shade.  Once the hair is colored it is very difficult to remove it or lighten its effects.  It can, however, be dyed over with more herbal hair color.

Once our hair dyes are out for purchase (late June) we will add some recommendations to this page.


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