Henna Hair

100% Natural Botanical Henna & Herbal Hair Coloring


Henna is a natural dye that colors the hair and nails in various shades of reds and browns.  It is an ancient remedy for developing soft and lustrous hair that is healthy and beautiful!  We use 100% natural henna of the finest body art quality (BAQ) along with the best botanical ingredients to give you the richest results for your hair.  All of our hair care products are made right at our shop using traditional Persian, pakistani and Indian recipes that have been used for centuries! 

Henna and Herbal Hair Coloring & Scalp Services

100% Pure & Natural Henna & Herbal Hair Color- $35-$75
This treatment uses natural botanical ingreadients to color, condition and rejuvenate the hair. It makes hair softer, shinier, stronger & healthier! - includes free application & instruction. Shades range from reds to browns to black. We also specialize in coloring African-American hair and sisterlocks!    

Traditional Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Massage- 30 Min. $60
An ancient Ayurvedic scalp massage treatment (passed down from generation to generation) using an authentic blend of natural botanical oils. This massage includes an optional  shoulders, upper back and face massage  for a complete relaxation experience!  This powerful & invigorating treatment helps clear congested scalp, nourishes the hair & scalp, helps grow lustrous hair, relaxes the body, and leaves you feeling energized & refreshed.. 

We also sell a large variety of do-it-yourself herbal hair care and hair coloring products:  SHOP NOW

Preparing for Your Henna Hair Coloring Appointment

Before arriving for your herbal henna hair appointment please prepare by doing the following:

  • please wash and dry your hair thoroughly with shampoo to free the hair of any oils, dirt or other residue.  
  • Do not use any products in the hair like oils, hair sprays, or other chemicals that could alter the hair color or prevent the henna and herbal dyes from staining your hair properly.  
  • It is also best not to use conditioner before coloring.
  • Bring a scarf to wrap over the shower cap we will put on your hair at the end of the treatment.  Because henna may take a few hours to set, you will need to wash out your hair at home. If you forget to bring the scarf, we have some available for purchase.


Q & A

What are the benefits of natural henna and herbal hair colors?

The benefits of our 100% natural and botanical hair care:

  • Very healthy for the haircynthia3.jpg
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair
  • Retains moisture in hair so that your hair doesn't feel dull or dry 
  • Makes your hair shiny
  • Conditions the hair
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Makes your hair feel soft
  • Makes your hair feel thicker
  • Strengthens the hair and roots
  • Often reduces dandruff
  • and of course... colors the hair!

What color will my hair become?

The shades we can create range from light orange to reds, browns and black using our natural and herbal hair care mixes.  The color you get depends upon what your natural hair color is and the mix we custom make especially for your needs.  It is best to come in for a personal consultation and a strand test before having a color applied to your hair.  If you would like to purchase the herbs and do the color yourself, we can help guide you for best results.

What hair coloring products do you offer? 

We have a wide range of hair products which includes:

  • hair colors (henna, indigo and other mixes)
  • hair oils
  • herbal shampoos
  • root strengtheners
  • conditioners
  • natural anti-dandruff treatments that work!
  • and more!

All of our products are 100% natural.  We do not use any chemicals, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, or other harmful ingredients.  Click here to view our products.

What hair coloring services do you offer?

For those interested in applying the color themselves, we recommend you let us do the first application for you so that you can learn proper ways of applying the colors.  The hair services we offer include:

  • Hair coloring for all types of hair including African-American hair
  • Root touchups  
  • Nail tinting
  • Eyebrow lining 
  • Application instruction- learn to apply the color yourself. 

Are henna and indigo permanent colors?

The henna we carry is body art quality (BAQ) and is of the best quality out in the market.  Both the henna and the indigo we carry are permanent colors that last as your hair grows out.  The color may fade slightly through time.  In order to continue to achieve healthy and conditioned results we recommend having the color applied every 1-3 months on the full hair.  The roots should be touched up every 2-4 weeks if they are light or if the hair is grey.  Hair consultations and strand tests are free and recommended before final application.

Does henna, indigo and other herbal hair colors cover grey hair? 

Yes they cover grey hair very well. The grey hair, when dyed may be lighter than the rest of your hair, therefore, depending upon your hair color you nay need to do more than one application.  Our clients often like the different color shades they get in their hair.  It tends to look more natural. Again, we recommend you come in and talk to us about the best solution for your hair. 

Can henna be dyed over chemically colored hair?

Yes henna can be dyed over chemically colored hair.  

What if I dont like the color after applying the henna/indigo.  Can I dye a chemical color over it?

Doing a strand test before coloring your entire hair is the best way to prevent dissappointment.  If the color you get is not one you like, a possible alternative could be reapplying another shade to change the affects. 

It is often difficult to dye hennaed hair with a chemical color because the henna creates a barrier on the hair shaft, closing the shaft so foreign particles cannot easily enter the hair.  This is why the hair becomes so shiny and healthy when it is hennaed.  We love the idea of eliminating chemicals, toxins and allergens from our lives.  This is why we have developed healthier means of hair care and skincare.  But if you simply do not like the results, we would suggest you consult a hair colorist who can do a strand test for you before using any chamical color on your entire hair.    

Is there such thing as too much henna/indigo?

Unlike chemical dye which is more and more damaging for your hair the more you apply it, our natural hair colors are very healthy for the hair and can be applied over and over, rejuvenating the hair and making it shinier, stronger and healthier the more you use them! The color, however, does get darker the more you use it.