Cosmetic Henna

Cosmetic Henna In Portland, Oregon


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Bald is Beautiful with Henna

Losing hair can be a very difficult experience in a woman's life.  Henna is a beautiful and unique way of decorating the head due to hair loss from chemotherapy, baldness, etc.  Hennaed scalp not only looks beautiful, but makes you feel beautiful and gives you a chance to express yourself freely!  

Designs can be lace-like to cover the entire scalp, flowy for a more natural and subtle look, bold and tribal, etc.  We can create any style you like and custom designs are always welcome.   



Scar & Blemish Coverage

Henna is perfect for covering up scars, C-section lines, blemishes, etc.  The scars can be fully covered with a henna design or partially covered and incorporated into the design.  The photo at left shows a C-section line covered with a henna pattern. 

Because of the natural and therapeutic aspects of henna, it works well over skin with eczema and sensative skin.  




Tattoo Enhancement

Henna is a great way to spice up old tattoos or play with ideas to enhance their look.  Since the henna designs last from 1-4 weeks on the body, it is also a great way to test out a tattoo before getting a permanent one.  Some people may often find that they enjoy the natural look of the hennaed art that is changeable vs. the permanency of a tattoo.  For those who are set on getting the permanent tattoo and know exactly what they want, we can create an image on their body with henna and have a tattoo artist embed the image directly over the hennaed surface!   

Henna is a long lasting, healthy and natural way of dying hair. Henna gives hair a natural shine and strength. 



Eyebrow Lining

If you are tired of lining your brows with pencil every day, try henna!  Reds, browns and black tones can be created from our 100% natural henna and herbal products.  We can create the color that is just right for you.  The lines will last up to 2 weeks and sometimes longer! 


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