Waxing Prices

Under arm            $30

Full Leg                $80

Bikini                   $40

Full Arm                     $50

Half Leg                     $50


   Half arm      $40  

   Back           $70

   Lip              $12


Currently we are only offering waxing services and not sugaring services and limiting the services to underarm and bikini.


At Silk & Stone, we use all natural waxes.  The traditional wax is made from a tree resin and the sugar wax is made purely from sugar, lemon juice and water.  there are no chemicals in either of the waxes. Both are gentle and very effective for the skin and make your skin feel soft and smooth.   

Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugaring is an ancient Persian method of hair removal practiced throughout the east for centuries and is rapidly gaining popularity in the west.  This sugar based homemade wax is 100% natural with no chemicals added. It is often a less painful process than waxing because it sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin.  

What is sugar waxing and how is it different from regular waxing?

The wax used in sugaring is traditionally handmade with all natural “edible” ingredients.  The mix is usually composed of 3-4 of the following ingredients: sugar, honey, lemon juice, vinegar and water. Most waxes sold in stores contain chemicals, oils, dyes, preservatives, fragrance and other ingredients that may be toxic or cause allergic reactions.  The result may be rashes, breakouts, irritations and reddened skin that can last for days.

Sugaring, on the other hand, is a gentle wax that is easy to apply and remove.  It is water soluble so it will wash off easily with water, whereas, the chemical waxes are tough to take off and if they fall on the wrong hairs and the hairs accidently get pulled- well there goes a bald spot!  With sugar waxing, you can remove any excess wax easily before pulling.  It also washes off the skin right away so that you don’t have to pull and tug on the excess wax to remove it, thus irritating your skin. 

Benefits of Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is a gentle way of removing unwanted hair from the face and body.  It is also excellent for underarms and the bikini area.  The benefits of sugaring include:

  • Gentle on the skin- it doesn’t adhere to the skin like chemical waxes so the skin is not pulled as much but the hair is removed effectively.
  • All natural & chemical free- there are no chemicals, preservatives, or other toxins used
  • Water soluble- removes easily with water
  • Removes dead skin cells and not live cells- because other waxes adhere to the skin, they often are harsh and will remove live skin cells as well as dead ones.
  • Less chances of allergic reactions- since sugaring is gentle, there are less chances of breakouts, rashes, scabs, skin peels, skin burns, irritated skin or long-lasting reddened skin.
  • Less pain- it hurts less than other waxes and is great in the more sensitive areas like the upper lip, bikini, brows and underarms
  • Great for all areas of the body 

Types of Sugar Waxes

There are two types of sugar waxes: The Persian and the Arabic.  Both are wonderful and very effective waxes for hair removal.  The ingredients in both waxes are the same natural ingredients (sugar, honey, water, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.).  The difference is in the making.  The Persian wax is made thin like a soft wax and a fabric or paper strip is used to remove the hair and the wax from the skin.  This wax is gentler than the traditional chemical waxes we buy in stores or that are used in most salons, but the Arabic wax is even gentler. 

The Arabic wax is made thicker than the Persian wax.  It does not require the use of a fabric or paper strip for removal.  It is rolled into a ball and applied against the grain of the hair and removed along the grain of the hair (opposite from regular waxes), making the hair come out smoothly without breaking the skin.  This results in much less pain than any other type of wax. 






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