Dermaplaning Facial-  60min. $159

Dermaplaning is a manual method of exfoliating treatment in which a sterile surgical blade/scalpel is carefully used to remove dead skin from the face.  It is like a chemical peel without the chemicals and leaves the skin clean, healthy and promotes healthy cell regeneration.  In addition, it will remove any vellus hair (peach fuzz), making the skin smoother and younger looking. This is a complete one-hour facial treatment.

This service includes:


      Dermaplaning treatment

      Hydrating toner

      Enzyme mask

      Extractions if necessary

      Healing/Hydrating mask

      Moisturizer and sunscreen

Benefits of dermaplaning:

      Deep exfoliation


      Brightens complexion

      More effective at home treatments your skin will absorb your products more efficiently

      Evens skin tone

      Reduces appearance of scars

Preparing for your treatment:

      Avoid any exfoliation chemical or physical (Retinol, serums, topicals) at least 72 hours before service

      Avoid direct sun exposure at least 5 days prior (service cannot be done on sunburned skin)

      Avoid facial hair removal. Other than brows 1-2 weeks before service (waxing, hair removal cream, etc.)

      Bring a clean mask to wear after your treatment

      If you are experiencing a breakout in more than one area you may need to reschedule as this service cannot be done over active acne or on open wounds.

      Use sunscreen daily to protect newly exposed skin.

      First 72 hours after treatment use very gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen only.

      Do not use any active ingredients or do any exfoliation chemical or physical for at least 72 hours.

      Avoid direct sun exposure for 72 hours

      Avoid makeup at least 24 hours if not longer if possible