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Henna for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Mehndi and Sangeet Nights

bridal-henna-by-Kaniz-silk-and-stone-Portland.jpegTraditionally, brides adorn their hands and feet with breathtaking henna patterns that mimic the embroidery in their bridal gowns & jewelry. The palms are decorated with the most intricate henna because the color comes out the darkest in this area. The backs of the hands are often just as detailed as the palms and sometimes decorated with a little less henna work. Most brides decorate their arms to the elbow so that the henna can show through the bangles which often cover half of the forearm. The feet are similarly decorated and can cover as far as the knees. These fine-detailed patterns can take 2-6 hours depending upon intricacy and coverage.

Today women of all cultures are adopting the beauty of the henna body painting and Indian rituals (wearing saris, bindis, etc.) in their weddings as well as other special events. The reddish-brown color of the henna not only looks good with traditional costumes but is quite gorgeous next to a white or off white wedding gown. And the designs are not limited to hands and feet but, depending on the dress, may flow well on an upper back, chest, arm, etc.

wedding-henna-story-of-the-bride-Kaniz-Silk-and-stone-portland.jpgBridal Henna Parties at Our Location or Yours!

Kaniz, our bridal henna specialist, has over 30 years experience as a professional henna artist and can design just about anything! She can incorporate your story into the designs and customize the perfect henna art for your hands and feet.  She is fast and her designs are clean, clear and beautiful! She makes the henna paste herself to ensure that it is all natural and safe for all age groups. 

For all bridal henna services, Kaniz requires a consultation at our spa where you can preview hundreds of bridal henna patterns, get a time estimate, receive a sample henna design, talk about pricing and address any other concerns. If you are not local, a virtual meeting with Kaniz can be scheduled via FaceTime or Zoom.

Bridal henna should be scheduled 2-3 days before the wedding for best results. We also do henna for the guests and can bring in multiple artists.  Our spa can be reserved for henna parties or our artists can travel to your location. Catering services are available from nearby restaurants and tea is complimentary for all guests.

Our bridal henna rates vary depending on the amount of work and are only discussed during the consultation with Kaniz. Our henna artist rates for all other occasions are $110 per hour.  This includes guest henna for mehndi nights, sangeets, bachelorette parties, etc. If the artist is traveling to your location, there is a small travel fee depending upon the distance of travel. Custom designs and ideas are also welcome. Please contact us for more information or to reserve a date for your event.

For all party and bridal henna inquiries, please contact Kaniz at 


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A High Quality Temporary Tattoo Kit  Tattoos can last 1-4 week. 100% Natural when blend of essential Oils Can make 100 small to medium designs! Everything included in kit to have fun   This henna body art kit contains 100% pure and natural...

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Aftercare Sealant


This aftercare sealant is an essential part of the henna process.  It is sprayed on the designs multiple times to help the paste set and enhance the color of the stain. This is a high quality spritz bottle that will not clog and will give you a...

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