Silk & Stone 100% Pure Ruhani Purifying Cleansing Grains for oily and acne prone skin

Ruhani 3-in-1 Botanical Clear Skin Cleansing Grains for Oily/Acne Skin

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Anti-Aging 3-in-1 Cleanser, Exfoliator and Mask

Skin Types: For Oily/Acne Prone Skin/Kapha Imbalance

This 100% pure and natural ancient Ayurvedic remedy is made of botanical ingredients that stimulate the skin and cleanse deeply to remove excessive skin secretions, blackheads, dead cell buildup and blemishes caused by blocked pores.  This exceptional 3-in-1 formula calms, moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin while leaving it soft and supple with a natural glow.


• Anti-aging

• Rich in antioxidants that keep your skin youthful

• Removes impurities and dead skin cells

• Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric calm redness & prevent acne

• Lightens and brightens the skin

• Hydrates and nourishes the skin

• Absorbs excess oils

• More beneficial when left on as a mask

Allergy Information: Contains: milk, rice, citrus.  DOES NOT CONTAIN: soy, gluten, nuts, coconut, artificial colors, fragrance

Directions: In the palm of your hand, mix 1/2 teaspoon powder with just enough water to make a creamy paste. Massage gently onto face and neck in a circular motion. For deeper cleansing, nourishment, and skin brightening benefits, leave on as a mask for 10-20 min. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Pat dry. Use 1-2 times a day.

VARIATIONS: Mix Ruhani powder with aloe vera juice for more healing benefits. If skin is very oily add a little lemon juice. 


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Key Ingredients:

Orange Peel
Orange peel (citrus sinesis)- Extracts dirt from deep inside the pores, thus helping prevent blackheads and acne. It makes a good cleanser and toner for the skin. It lightens and brightens the skin and helps fade away dark spots. The powerful antioxidants in orange peel help fight free radical damage and keep your skin healthy and young looking.
Multani Mitti
Multani Mitti- Refines pores, tightens normal to oily skin, absorbs dead cells, removes excess oil from the skin and brightens the skin. It is also good for lightening freckles, age spots and hyperpigmentation.
Turmeric- It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal properties which aid in healing wounds and damaged skin and calm and heal acne conditions. Turmeric has antioxidant properties that make it a great anti-aging ingredient. It helps fight free radical damage and is also a skin brightener that helps fade freckles, age spots and hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin healthy, glowing and young looking.
Ashwaghanda (withania somnifera) is an Indian ginseng. It is an anti-aging root that is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radical damage which slows down the aging process and prevents dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates the production of collagen, reduces inflammation and de-stresses the skin, keeping it healthy and youthful looking.
Coriander- An anti-inflammatory herb that helps reduce skin irritations and inflammation. It also antifungal and antibacterial, which makes it a great herb for acne skin.
lentils, milk, rice, citrus sinensis, multani mitti, curcuma longa*, ashwaghanda*, licorice root extract*, lemon peel*, shikakai, coriandrum sativum*, vitamin A, vitamin D3
*Certified Organic
General Direction to Use Herbal Henna Hair Colors

Because this is a natural product, results may vary. It is best to do a strand test in order to achieve desired results before coloring your hair. Please read all instructions included in the package before coloring your hair.
Approximate Quantity Needed for Your Hair Length:
  • 1 Pkg: For short to shoulder length hair
  • 2 Pkgs: For medium length hair
  • 3 Pkgs: For long or thick hair
  • Note: For extra thick, extra long, or African American hair (kinky, sisterlocks, dreadlocks, etc.) you should order an extra packet.

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